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Hospital: Al Zahra Dubai

Interventional Breast Radiologist

Prof. Naglaa Abdel Razek is a graduate of Cairo University faculty of medicine the year 1993 and completed her studies for the MD in Radiology from the Cairo University in the year 2003.

She completed her training in breast imaging and intervention in Germany, Italy and France .

Since 1995 , she is working as a staff member in the radiology department and she was nominated as a professor of radiology since May 2013.

She is one of the most recognized radiologists in Egypt working in the field of breast cancer screening, diagnosis and intervention.

She introduced to Egypt the technique of non-invasive removal of benign tumors of the breast using the vacuum assisted biopsy and also she introduced a very new technique to Egypt , the breast lesion excision biopsy (BLES) and she is working with international group to set guidelines for the use of such a new technique. Dr Naglaa is an active member in the Women’s Health Outreach Program at the Ministry of Health since 2007 and in October 2014 till date.

She was nominated as the General manager of Egypt breast cancer screening program and women health in Egypt and she occupied the post of being the Minister Advisor in radiology for one year from January 2015 to January 2016. She is an active member and Board member of many National & International societies.

She is the radiology committee director of Breast Gynecology International Cancer society ,Assistant Secretary General of the Egyptian Society of Women Imaging and Health care & she is an international Board member of the American Association of Women Radiologists , European society of Radiology ,European Society of Breast Imaging & the Radiology Society of North America.

Prof. Naglaa has many national and international publications and has presented many presentations in national and international conferences especially concerned with breast cancer. Dr. Naglaa’s favorite mission is to fight breast cancer.