Specialty: Cosmetic – Bariatric Surgery

Hospital: King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Dr Parviz Sadigh is a Consultant Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon specializing
in all aspects of microsurgical reconstruction (including head and neck and
orthoplastics), hand surgery, abdominal wall and aesthetic surgery. He is
from London, UK, and completed his training on the pan Thames rotation,
before embarking on a number of international fellowship programmes. For
the past 6 years he has been working as a Consultant at The Royal London
Hospital, the UK’s busiest major trauma centre, as well as building a private
practise through the prestigious London Clinic, Harley Street. In addition,
over the past three years he held the position of Clinical Director for
Plastic Surgery at Barts Health NHS Trust and oversaw many exciting and
innovative initiatives for the Trust. He comes to Kings College London,Dubai excited by the new challenges ahead.

Dr Parviz prides himself on providing a bespoke service to his patients
though clear communication, team work and an MDT approach to his
practise. He works across all surgical specialties where complex wound/soft
tissue issues arise, and through his extensive microsurgical training has the
ability to reconstruct some of the most challenging wounds and surgical
defects. He understands the balance between conservative and invasive
treatment options and will always balance these based on an individual basis
in order to optimise the functional and aesthetic outcomes for his patients.