Specialty: Digestive – Gastro Enterology

Hospital: King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Dr Regina Will has worked in the medical profession for over 28 years.
During that time, she’s specialized in a range of fields, including nutritional
medicine, gastroenterology, and emergency treatment.

After graduating from the University of Hamburg in 1991, she practiced
medicine in Wiesbaden in Germany, at the German Clinic for Diagnostics. In
2011, she made the decision to continue her career in the UAE.

Dr Will has a special interest in inflammatory bowel diseases and runs a busy
clinic at King’s College Hospital in Dubai. She takes pride in providing
empathetic, high-quality care for all her patients, who come from Dubai,
UAE, the Gulf region and beyond. She’s also interested in health economics
and nutritional medicine.

Her approach is to adopt a holistic, compassionate approach at all times, and
she enjoys all interactions with her patients.