Dr. Slavica Vukovic

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Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: RAK Hospital

Dr. Slavica Vukovic is a Specialist in Internal Medicine at the RAK Hospital UAE.

Dr. Slavica Vukovic earned her medical degree in 1992 from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine, Serbia. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Vukovic has worked across different hospitals in Serbia.

Before joining RAK Hospital she has worked in Specialist Medical Center in Sharjah, UAE. She has vast experience in performing outpatient diagnostics and treatment for conditions as hypertension, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland diseases, respiratory diseases e.g. bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and COPD, gastroenterological diseases, hematology diseases, and nephrology diseases.

Furthermore, she was organizing a Virtual Hospital CME not only in Serbia, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Albania. In addition, she is the author and organizer of the ‘Virtual Hospital Simulator INMEDEA’ for doctors, required by law, which is accredited and certified by Serbian Health Authorities since 2010. INMEDEA Simulator is used for teaching at several German Universities such as the University of Freiburg, Leipzig, Munster and the Hannover Medical School, as well as for remote education and training at the Medical Academy of the German Armed Forces.

Dr. Vukovic was the recommended doctor for the Austrian Embassy and citizens in Serbia since 2009.