Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Dr. Sophie Racktoo is a British born and trained Family Medicine Specialist
with 8 years post graduate experience, working in both the United Kingdom
and Australia. She is a member of the Royal College of General
Practitioners, UK.

After working in an Emergency Care setting, Dr. Racktoo chose to specialise
in Family Medicine. She has completed training posts in several clinics and
hospitals in the North of England, providing her with excellent knowledge in
all areas of Family Medicine. Her interests include: Urgent Care, Diabetes
Medicine, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Women’s Health and Ear, Nose and
Throat and currently at King’s College Hospital, Dubai

Dr. Racktoo thrives in Family Medicine; she is able to utilise her excellent
communication skills and ability to work efficiently under pressure in this
dynamic environment. She is experienced in managing both acute and long
term conditions for all members of the family. She enjoys the varied patient
mix, holistic approach and continuity of care Family Medicine offers.

In addition to her work, Dr. Racktoo enjoys regular high intensity group
exercise and spending time with her husband and energetic toddler.