Dr. Suleiman Hanna Al-Baqain

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Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Suleiman Hanna Al-Baqain is a General Surgeon in Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Suleiman Hanna Al-Baqain is a qualified and experienced medical professional whose experience spans 10 years, most of it in the specialty branch of General Surgery. Dr. Suleiman holds an HAAD General Surgery licence from the Arab Board of Medical Specialization, amongst the other internships and certifications which he gained during his career.

A consistent high-performer in academics, Dr. Suleiman’s qualifying memberships and registrations in the Jordanian Medical Council and the Arab Board of Medical Specialization were conferred on him with distinction.

Before joining Burjeel, Dr. Suleiman worked as Specialist-General Surgery, Sr. Clinical Fellow–Surgery, Resident Medical Officer (Surgery) at four leading hospitals in Amman, Jordan, where he handled senior level responsibilities and built the reputation of the hospitals for specialised general surgery.

Dr. Suleiman’s Qualification