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How Much Does an Air Ambulance Flight Cost?

Critical conditions, such as urgent surgeries, severe accidents, that need immediate medical attendance, and quick repatriation to a distant hospital in another city or a foreign country cannot be done using ground ambulances. The best way to seek fast medical surgeries and treatments is to use an air ambulance. 

An air ambulance is either a rotary flight—helicopters, or a fixed-wing aircraft—jet, fitted with all medical equipment and emergency care personnel used to transfer patients in life-threatening situations to a distant hospital either within a country or to a foreign country for immediate medical attention. It can also be used to bring a patient who underwent a severe surgery or treatment back from his location of medical care.

Who Needs An Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are specially for crucial medical cases. They serve as a form of transport to medical facilities for patients who are unable to function on their own due to certain medical issues that require assistance from care personnel and medical equipment. 

It is advisable that when considering a medical facility, If more than 200 meters especially in critical cases, an air ambulance should be contacted. A ground ambulance can never get a critical patient to a location of that distance in time. Some of the cases which might need the services of an air ambulance include:

  • A person involved in a critical accident and needs quick attendance.
  • A patient in need of critical and urgent surgery, often organ transplants.
  • A patient in need of cancer treatment in a foreign country.
  • A patient going through trauma and needs to a taken to a medical facility that is distant.
  • A patient with a stroke.
  • Elderly patients, especially those with Alhmezier.
  • A patient who wants to return from his country of treatment after a crucial treatment that needs monitoring and bed rest.

Why Do You Need An Air Ambulance?

For patients in need of critical care over a long distance, air ambulances are the best because:

  • They save time especially when the medical situation is an emergency and needs immediate treatment.
  • They are equipped with all medical equipment for life sustenance until they can get to the hospital.
  • There is the presence of highly trained medical personnel to take care of the patient all through the flight. 

How Much Does An Air Ambulance Flight Cost?

The cost of an air ambulance flight is calculated by an air ambulance company based on the patient involved because each patient is unique and requires certain specifications. Therefore, an estimate cannot be given. However, certain factors are considered and charged. They include:

  • The state of health of the patient.
  • The urgency of the situation.
  • The number of medical personnel assigned.
  • The logistics, based on distance travelled, and the landing fee of the hospital or hanger.
  • The number of family or friends accompanying the patient.
  • Visa
  • Ground ambulance charges.
  • Hospital booking rate, etc.

How Quickly Can It Be Arranged?

To book an air ambulance service, contracts have to be established with the air ambulance company a week or few days to the day of the transfer to enable the company to arrange for the patient’s needs as required.

However, in cases of emergency, air ambulances can be arranged and sent immediately while the medical team in charge begins to process the booking. International emergencies can take a long time processing due to the need to procure visas and international permits. This can be done within 24 hours and flight can take place thereafter.

What Is The Process Involved In Booking An Air Ambulance?

From start to finish of an air ambulance service follows procedures. These processes follow a sequence that finally comes to an end when the patient is delivered to the designated location. Everyone with the need to seek an air ambulance service should understand these steps to avoid uncertainty and confusion.

The following are the steps involved:

  1. Prior to Booking: Before you plan on seeking the service of an air ambulance company, you need to put in place the following:
  • A medical report, prepared by the doctor stating the patient’s health condition and severity.
  • An arrangement with the hospital of choice or doctor’s recommendation.
  1. Contact the Company: Get in touch with an air ambulance company through calls or emails and make inquiries. This involves:
  • Sending a medical report for assessment
  • If the situation is considered to handle, the charges and the total fee is estimated and negotiated.
  • If you are comfortable with this fee, you can continue with the plans.
  1. Fix a Date: Pick the day that you need for transfer to the designated hospital.
  2. Documentation: The patient’s full details and medical reports will be filed in the company’s database and the request will be processed.
  3. Flight Arrangements: The company will assist in procuring your visa and air flight permits will be arranged as quickly as possible.
  4. Assigning Medics: A travel medical team will be assigned to the patient and the ambulance full fitting will be carried out.
  5. Day of Transfer: When the day for the evacuation arrives, the following will take place:
  • The company will arrange a ground ambulance to pick the patient from his home or a facility.
  • The patient will be transported to the airport terminal and transferred into the air ambulance.
  • The air ambulance with the patient, his company, and the medical crew will take off. 
  1. On Arrival: At the destination, a ground ambulance will be there to take in the patient from the air ambulance and transferred to the designated hospital.

However, in the case of an urgent emergency, these protocols are shortened. A call is put across with a pressing demand, medical details are explained by medical personnel, and the air ambulance responds and comes for quick pick-up. Visa and air flight permits can be processed faster. Booking can be done on transit and fees paid once the patient is safe and stable.

In severe accidents, especially remote or accessible places, air ambulance helicopters can be removed to the site and the victim transported to the hospital.

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