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How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently


Erectile dysfunction is a condition that occurs mostly in men. A man cannot maintain an erect penis during sexual intercourse i.e the penis does not have the firmness required for penetration during intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is common for some men, therefore, frequent occurrence of erection problems is not considered as an extreme case. Erectile dysfunction might result in stress, reduction in self-esteem, loss of confidence, and possible crashing of relationships.

In most cases, the inability to have an erection can be a result of an underlying medical condition that requires urgent medical attention. Consultation is given by the doctor to proffer possible solutions to the condition.

In cases of underlying conditions resulting in erectile dysfunction, treating the underlying condition can help reverse the dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction is said to be psychological and this can be influenced by cases acquainted with the following:

  1. Supply of nerve.
  2. The flow of blood.
  3. Hormonal imbalance.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be categorized into the physical cause, psychological problem, lifestyle, and medications.

  • Physical Causes

Erectile dysfunction for some cases can be attributed to health conditions present in the patient. These health conditions are:

  1. High level of cholesterol in the system.
  2. Atherosclerosis, which is the clogging of the blood vessels, thereby, impeding flow.
  3. Disease in the heart.
  4. Obesity.
  5. Presence of high blood pressure.
  6. Diabetes.
  7. Series of sclerosis.
  8. Parkinson’s disease.
  9. A metabolic syndrome involving high levels of insulin, spiked blood pressure, and excess body fat.
  10. Peyronie’s disease.
  11. Low testosterone.
  12. Previous surgeries around the pelvic region.
  13. Sleeping disorders.
  • Psychological Cause

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes influenced by the actions in the brain that triggers several events causing an erection, beginning with the feelings of sexual urge. 

Factors that can be responsible for causing erectile dysfunction include:

  1. Stress.
  2. Poor communication with a partner.
  3. Depression.
  4. Anxiety.
  5. Several mental health conditions.
  6. Fear of intimacy.
  7. Guilt.
  • Medication

Certain medications can result in the inability to maintain firmness for intercourse due to side effects encountered while taking the medication. 

Medications that can act as side effects resulting to the dysfunction include:

  1. Tranquillizers or sedatives used to calm the nerves and make a patient sleep can influence erectile dysfunction.
  2. Medications used for maintaining blood pressure can prompt the condition.
  3. Anti-depressants.
  4. Medications used by patients with ulcers.
  5. Anti-androgens utilized for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer can instigate the condition.
  6. Medications are taken to lessen the rate of hunger i.e appetite suppressants.
  • Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a patient can greatly affect the erectile capabilities of a man. 

Certain habits resulting in this condition include:

  • Abuse of certain drugs.
  • Usage of drugs that are not legal.
  • Smoking.
  • Overweight.
  • Physically inactive.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol.


During the maturation stage of the man, as he grows older, the urge for sex reduces resulting in the extended rate of getting firm when stimulated. More stimulation to the male genitals might be needed to sustain an erection.

Risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction include:

  1. Patients with obesity.
  2. Medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes.
  3. Use of tobacco restricting the flow of blood to the arteries and veins which is fatal to the health condition which contributes to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Damages to nerves that are responsible for erections.
  5. Previous surgery on the pelvic region can result in the condition.
  6. Mental conditions can contribute to the reduction in libido.


Complications encountered due to erectile dysfunction includes:

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Low self-confidence.
  • Poor sex life.
  • Inability to impregnate your spouse.
  • Problems in the relationship.


Erectile dysfunction symptoms are few and specific. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  1. Low sexual urge.
  2. Inability to have an erection.
  3. Inability to maintain an erection.


Living a healthy life plays an important role in preventing erectile dysfunction. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing an existing defect properly can help to an extent. Few ways of preventing erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Exercising regularly.
  2. Abstinence from smoking and drinking excessively.
  3. Avoiding the usage of illegal drugs.
  4. In cases of underlying conditions, following prescriptions and close monitoring of the condition is paramount for prevention of the erectile dysfunction.
  5. Visiting the clinic for regular checkups and tests is advisable.
  6. Stress-reducing processes should be performed.


Erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed by physical examination alongside previous medical conditions.

  • Physical Examination

This involves listening to the heart rate and the lungs. The blood pressure is checked, the testicles and penis are examined. A rectal exam can be done to test for prostate.

  • Psychological History

The questionnaire is given to a patient to fill based on the symptoms and history. Responses can aid deductions based on the severity of the erectile dysfunction.

Other tests can be conducted to diagnose erectile dysfunction. These tests are:

  • Injection Test

Medication is administered into the penis to prompt an erection. This permits the doctor to analyze the erection capabilities of the patient and how long it takes to return to the ground state.

  • Ultrasound

Blood vessels in the penis are examined to observe any problem in the penile blood flow.

  • Urine Test

A urine sample is taken to test for diabetes and underlying conditions.

  • Blood Test

Blood will be extracted to test for conditions like diabetes, thyroid issues, levels of testosterone, and heart diseases.

  • Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) Test

This involves a device that utilizes a battery as an external source worn on the thigh to analyze the quality of the nocturnal erection. This device is said to be portable and data is recorded for further examination.


Several erectile dysfunction patients have overcome the condition in ways that do not include medicine. As a result, a major means of treatment advised for patients with erectile dysfunction is the use of natural alternative methods. 

These treatments include:

  • Herbs and Supplements

Herbs and supplements that can aid fast recovery from erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).
  2. Asparagus racemosus.
  3. Ginseng.
  4. Yohimbe.
  5. Horny goat weed.
  6. Zinc.
  7. L-carnitine.
  8. L-arginine.

Doctors must be consulted before resorting to herbs or supplements to avoid side effects and complications as a result of a herb or supplement.

  • Exercises

Relaxation exercises can aid relieve stress related to erectile dysfunction and level exercises can help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and this improves erectile function.

Certain exercises help control blood pressure and improve blood flow. Your doctor will advise you on the type of exercises that can improve your condition.

  • Counselling Therapy

Psychological conditions can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction. Undergoing therapy from a professional can aid recovery when stress or anxiety is experienced. 

Talking about your problems to a psychiatrist or psychologist can help you find out the cause, resolve the issues, and this, in turn, can improve erectile function. This session tends to enhance sexual urge and performance.

  • Therapeutic Remedies

Treatment options such as the use of Ayurveda, acupuncture, etc, can help improve erectile dysfunction.

These options target specific areas of the body linked to the affected part and ED and conduct relief and rejuvenating therapies on them, and with time, the condition can be corrected.

Acupuncture is a method that originates from the Chinese whereby, needles are injected into the skin at specified locations. This has great effects on the stimulation of the nerve affecting the neurotransmitter. 

Other ways to reverse erectile dysfunction may include:

  • Losing weight, reduce blood pressure and improve the levels of testosterone and cholesterol.
  • Keeping a healthy diet.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop the intake of alcohol.

The usage of any of these remedies can help facilitate the recovery process for erectile dysfunction. Though, some can be combined like acupuncture and massage alongside viagra or other libido boosting medications.


The following foods can get rid of erectile dysfunction and boost your libido. They include:

  • Banana
  • Watermelon
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Coffee
  • Dark chocolate
  • Leafy greens
  • Pistachios
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Shellfish
  • Oysters
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Chili peppers
  • Spinach
  • Beets
  • Pomegranate juice.


  • What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction naturally?

Change of lifestyle to improve underlying conditions and bad habits like smoking and excessive intake of alcohol.

  • Do bananas help erectile dysfunction?

Banana contains potassium which helps to regulate the flow of blood by dilating arterioles and in turn enhancing erection.

  • What fruit is a natural Viagra?

Watermelon is said to be viagra due to the presence of amino acid that dilates blood vessels exactly as viagra to enhance the erection.

  • What foods help you get hard?

Spinach is good for elevating testosterone levels, coffee enhances sexual urge, avocado can be used to boost libido. Also, apple peels are said to have great effects on the prevention of prostate cancer.

  • What can I do to make my penis strong?

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the factors for maintaining a firm penis. Undergoing stress maintenance is also good for healthy sex life alongside exercises.