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Cost Of Hair Transplant In India

Hair loss and baldness have become a big  issue in recent years and to prevent hair fall permanently surgeons and doctors have come across with most effective treatment known as Hair Transplant. In India there are several methods of hair transplant or restoration for all those who suffer from hair loss and for western countries residents India is a perfect fit because as for them to visit India for treatment is a huge discount in itself, when they compare the cost of hair transplant with their own countries hospitals and clinics. India’s tax system and Insurance policy isn’t super strict, that’s the cost is less.

On an average cost of hair transplant in India is 60,000 rupees i.e. around $800- $900, for the same treatment cost in the US is around $10,000.This is a phenomenal difference and hence people traveling from developed countries to developing for less expensive hair transplant. In India, the cost varies widely and depends on the extent of baldness, type of procedure and number of grafts mainly. FUE ( Follicular Unit Extension) cost is more than FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplant) .

As Indian doctors are more familiar with FUT it’s cost is less and is much simpler than FUT, also in India the doctors specialised in FUT are handful so that’s its cost is more. Hair transplantation is a direct procedure with short recovery period hence medical tourists only have to spend min 3 days and maximum 7 days to complete the treatment. It means accomodation and travel expenses are also less. India’s medical tourism companies like Anavara, medical centres and hospitals are pretty good in maintaining website through which a potential candidate 

can take help to know about estimates of cost, hospital stays, total sessions,etc. Also can know more about the best Hospital for treatment by comparing everything.

Also prior to the surgery if a patient sends the photo of scalp or beard (if they want beard hair restoration) then it becomes easy for doctors to think about requirement of total sessions and grafts. Below are two methods which Indian doctors prefer to Transplant hair.

  1. FUE 
  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extension involves removing hair from the “healthy” part of the scalp area called the donor area. Hair in the donor area is resistant to dihydrotestosterone. This hair is carefully prepared and treated before being gently placed back on your scalp or beard. This hair will grow back respecting the different hair regrowth cycles. 
  • FUE involves taking FU directly from the scalp after local anaesthesia. A punch  (cylindrical scalpel of 0.75 to 1mm in diameter) is used to free each FU from its subcutaneous attachments; the follicular unit is then removed using micro- forceps.
  • The FU thus removed then removed using micro-forceps.
  • The FU thus removed are then reimplanted as quickly as possible in a site created in the same way as for FUT.

Advantages of FUE:

  • Donor area scars undetectable after 10 days of surgery.
  • Rapid recovery and patients can resume normal activities for a week.

     2. FUT

  • Also known as strip technique, the procedure begins early, in which the surface of the strip is shaved.
  • After removal of the band from the scalp, suture is performed using absorbable suture for the deep part of the wound to reduce subcutaneous tension, non absorbable suture will be used for superficial closure. 
  • Thread will be removed after a few days.
  • FU are by definition groups of hairs containing one, two, three and four.


  • Allows to take more grafts (4000-5000) per day, compared to an FUE where sampling is less.
  • Cheap in cost and simpler process.


  1. Hair Harmony and You
  2. Anagen Hair Clinic
  3. Harley’s
  4. Enhance Clinics
  5. Tvaksh Advanced
  6. Bloom
  7. Assure 
  8. Richfeel
  9. Rejoice 
  10. Eugenix

Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Mumbai is tad bit expensive than other cities of India so hair transplant’s cost will be relatively on the higher side.

Per graft’s cost will be 30-60 Rupees.

  • For 500-1000 graft – 30,000 – 50,000 Rupees
  • For 1000-2000 grafts – 50,000 – 80,000 rupees.
  • For 2000 – 3000 grafts – 80,000 – 1.5 lacs
  • For 3000 or above – Cost Fluctuates

Clinics for hair transplant in Bangalore

  1. Derma Solutions
  2. Pioneer
  3. Advanced Hair studio
  4. DermaSculpt Clinic
  5. MAAC
  6. Looks Studio
  7. Neo Follicle

Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Per graft’s cost will be 25-45 Rupees.

  • For 500-1000 grafts – 25,000 – 45,000 rupees.
  • For 1000 – 2000 grafts – 40,000 – 60,000 rupees.
  • For 2000-3000 grafts  – 60,000 – 1 lacs
  • For 3000 or above – Cost Fluctuates

Clinics for hair transplant in Delhi

  • Medlinks
  • Provelus
  • Majestic
  • AK
  • Medispa
  • Panacea global
  • Dr. A’s Clinic

Cost is more or less similar to Mumbai.

Side Effects Of Hair Transplant

Period after hair transplant is very sensitive and critical and may cause side effects if not taken care of by the surgical area thoroughly.

  1. Swelling – Swelling in the treated area is very common such as beard or scalp, surrounding areas of the scalp and beard also swells such as forehead and cheeks.
  2. Graft Dislodgement – Shedding and falling of hair can happen but it’s common and if it continues for more time don’t wait for a second to call the surgeon.
  3. Infection – improper aftercare and frequently touching surgical area can cause infection.
  4. Folliculitis – Red bleeding/bumps around the scalp.
  5. Crust  Development
  6. Bleeding