Why do I need a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

​Most of us go to Google to search or research a subject we are looking for. However, the information you specifically require may be available under various websites and it may as well be a stupendous task for you to find out what you want?
1. For eg. You want to know what is the best procedure for a treatment condition that you are looking for?
2. How much does it cost? Which hospital in which country is the best for it?
3. Can you talk to the Doctor who treats such conditions, and so on?
4. It is not impossible to get that info on Google, but we have aggregated all such info in a single place – that is our website. Our personnel are familiar with most hospitals and doctors.  

Will it be more expensive if we go through a medical tourism facilitator?

​Absolutely not. We provide the same estimate that a hospital will provide you if you send an inquiry to them directly. We are absolutely transparent and pass on the estimate provided by the hospital to you on their letterhead. In fact, it is advantageous for you to go through us. In case of cost escalation, we have greater leverage with the hospital, as we refer many cases to them and can negotiate on behalf of you with them?  

Do you have any preferred hospital or doctor? ​

We work for you, not the hospital. We have aggregated all information and have provided it in one place. Other than that we do not have any preferred hospital or doctor? ​

How do I select a doctor or hospital?

Anavara provides you a choice of hospital and doctors through this website. We also can obtain for you more information about a specific doctor or hospital, if you desire. We encourage you to consult with your family doctor and select the hospital. You can also write to us – our staff will call you to discuss and help you in selecting a doctor or hospital. ​

Should cost be my major concern when selecting a doctor or hospital?

​There are many factors to look at before selecting a hospital and doctor. Cost is one of them. There are numerous other factors like experience, facilities available in that hospital, track record of the doctor in that treatment, accreditation of the hospital, airport facilities to reach the hospital etc.  

Is there a waiting time to see the doctor or treatment?

​As you are coming from another country, we realize your time is very valuable. We cut you through the queue and take you to the treating doctor directly. Once the doctor does the diagnostics and decides on certain line of treatment, we coordinate with the hospitals to ensure you have earliest surgery or treatment as we have enduring relationship with all hospitals. ​

Will anyone take care of me when I travel to the other country for treatment? Absolutely, we provide the following support:

– Obtain a letter from hospital to assist you in obtaining visa.
– Coordinate in obtaining a fit to fly certificate from airlines.
– we have ground staff who will Take care of your requirements right from receiving at airport, Arrange local sim, Ground transport in the country of your treatment, Accommodation
– Registration with local immigration authorities
– Extend your visa in rare cases when required
– Post treatment after care like procuring certain medicines & send by courier to you.
– Teleconference with doctor who treated you in case of queries
Having a medical tourism facilitator is to your advantage.   ​

Can I search for a Doctor and Hospital on my own and go overseas for medical treatment?

Of course, you can do by yourselves. We provide all the information here for your use. We have visited more than 300 hospitals and discuss with thousands of doctors to provide the information here. You are welcome to use them to your advantage, both for knowledge and to use them for your treatment.