Abuja to Berlin

An Oil and Gas company, who are our partners contacted us for air ambulance. A member of staff who is quadriplegic and needed rehabilitation in Europe. They had no hospital in mind and also wanted to take him abroad at a lower cost. We contacted one of the best in the world , a rehabilitation…
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Port Harcourt to London

On the morning of 26th Jan 2020, our Country Manager of Nigeria received a phone call from one of our partner hospitals in Port Harcourt. They wanted to transport one of their VIP patients who needed urgent medicare, to London. The patient and his wife had an American passport hence visa was not an issue….
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Conjoined Twins surgery

Ugwoke Obinna heard about Anavara from one of the camps we conducted in Nigeria and approached us. This was the first time we had received a case for conjoined surgery. Hence we sent the report to hospitals that had done such surgeries in the past successfully.
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Testimonial by Client- USA

Capt James works for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. He has diabetes. During the course of his work, he hurt himself in the leg (Foot). Since he left it untreated for some time, gangrene started spreading up into his legs. It was on a Monday morning he saw our banner in a hospital in Nigeria. It intrigued him and he called our office. Immediately the same day, our staff met him, took his reports and sent it to India for an estimate. (Since he had indicated India as his preferred country of treatment)
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