What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is an increasingly popular alternative to receiving treatment in your home country. It involves flying abroad to have a surgery or other medical procedure, often seeking a service not available locally or one that is otherwise not affordable.

Arranging your medical tourism journey through a trusted facilitator company such as Anavara guarantees a smooth and stress-free process. We take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your health.

Is Medical Tourism Right for Me?

Medicine is increasingly becoming a global market. Limiting yourself geographically no longer makes sense when there are so many qualified professionals you can access through a medical tourism facilitator. Below are just a few of the reasons you would benefit from performing your medical procedure abroad:

  • The health service you need is not readily available in your country
  • Waitlists for the treatment are too long or not guaranteed
  • It is too expensive to perform your procedure locally
  • You would like another doctors’ opinion from a different perspective
  • A low profile and confidentiality is needed in your situation

Our Process Explained

1. Consultation Services

As a first step, Anavara pairs you with a dedicated consultant responsible for initial discussion and arrangements for medical travel to your destination country of choice. Your personal preparation coordinator is responsible for:

  • Identifying the right clinic/hospital based on your medical requirements and budget
  • Arranging a discussion with the doctor who will be performing the procedure by audio or video conference call
  • Scheduling any necessary Pre-treatment tests to be done in the home country (if possible)
  • Conducting a secure transfer of any relevant medical records to the hospital (using our hosted server)
  • Providing you with complete information on the process of medical treatment, duration of stay (before and after treatment), accommodation, and any other relevant details

2. Visa, Travel and Accommodation

The same team member will be your single point of contact for all medical travel related services. As they are already well-versed in your specific situation, they will be able to:

  • Provide information on the process and paperwork required for a Medical Visa
  • Assist in obtaining a Visa request letter from the hospital to process your Medical Visa and obtain Visa (subject to embassy approval)
  • Provide assistance with booking of airline tickets and other necessary travel arrangements (ie. Fit to Fly certificate)
  • Arrange for Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Foreign exchange as well as with any other information or assistance related to travel

3. What to Expect on Arrival

Your Anavara guide will be on hand in the destination country to support you throughout your stay and medical treatment period. They will:

  • Welcome you at the destination airport and arrange for a transfer to the hospital or a hotel
  • Arrange exclusive pick-up services are through our authorized ground transportation service providers
  • Ambulance services can also be requested if needed
  • Provide mobile and communication services in the form of a local SIM card
  • Arrange comfortable accommodations for your travel companion

4. Medical Treatment Facilitation

An Anavara representative will be present at the hospital at the time of both admission and discharge to ensure smooth processing and a hassle-free experience. They will:

  • Provide complete information on the Pre- and Post-treatment procedures
  • Assist in scheduling appointments with your Doctor for an onsite consultation
  • Arrange for OPD consultation and assist in necessary Pre-treatment procedures.
  • Take care of every detail during the hospitalization process
  • Regularly visit during your hospital stay to ensure your comfort, and address any concerns should they come up
  • Continuously follow up with doctors and hospitals regarding the treatment process and your health status
  • Arrange a Concierge and language interpretation services if required
  • Support you completely during the Post-treatment and recovery stages

5. Recovery and Post-Travel Support

Anavara believes in the philosophy of “Holding your hand from discovery to complete recovery”. On your return from the treatment/surgery our staff will follow up with you as appropriate until you recover fully. We arrange for post recovery clarifications, procure medicines from the country where you received your treatment and recommending physiotherapists or other necessary specialists. Our team is there for you 24/7 as you get back to your happier, healthier self.