Dr. Basel Daham Jallad

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Specialty: Gynecology and Obstetrics

Hospital: Saudi German Hospital

Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Area of Interest:

Laparoscopic surgeries:

• Laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy.

• Laparoscopic management of ovarian masses, ectopic pregnancy.

• Laparoscopic management of pelvic organ prolapse (sacral uteropexy)

• Laparoscopic management of endometriosis.

• Laparoscopic cervical cerclage as a management of cervical insufficiency.

• Laparoscopic management of female subfertility (tubal factor infertility, ovarian drilling).

• Laparoscopic Tubal reanastomosis after tubal ligation.

• Diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy (surgical management of endometrial polyp, fibroid and uterine septum).

Vaginal surgeries:

• Vaginal hysterectomy

• Repair of vaginal wall prolapse.

• Plastic and osmotic gynaecology

• surgical management of stress incontinence (tvt,tvt-o)

• laparotomic surgeries (when laparoscopy or vaginal approach is contraindication)

• Colposcopy and management of precancerous cervical lesion.

Obstetrics :

• Normal and caesarean delivery- management of post-partum haemorrhage.

• Management of low and high risk pregnancy

• Management of miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage.

• Diagnosis and treatment of female subfertility.

• Contraception and family planning service.

• Diagnosis and management of gynaecologic malignancies and premalignancies


Arab board in obstetrics and gynaecology

Syrian board in obstetrics and gynaecology

Advanced Laparoscopic surgery diploma. Oldenburg Germany

Experience in gynaecology laparoscopic surgeries, Charite Hospital-Berlin Germany

Language Spoken :
English, German & Arabic

Nationality :