Dr. Kavuri Sree R. Murthy

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Specialty: Allergy and Immunology

Hospital: RAK Hospital

Dr. Murthy received his medical degree from Guntur Medical College, India. He went on to pursue his MD in Internal Medicine from the Institute of Madras Medical College, Tamil Nadu. Following the successful completion of his MD, Dr. Murthy went on to become the Chief Physician in Internal Medicine and headed a large team of doctors.

Diabetes being one of the most rampant diseases in today’s society, with significant mortality and morbidity, became a priority and area of interest for him. He, therefore, completed his post-graduation course in Diabetology from, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and MESF, USA, arguably one of the best medical universities in the world.

Having had a long and successful career as a Chief Physician, he was promoted to the role of Medical Superintendent at the Department of Atomic Energy Hospital, Kalpakkam, India. Today, after joining RAK Hospital, he continues to manage a wide range of diseases varying from cardiovascular disease to infectious diseases and medical emergencies.

His areas of expertise include:
• Diabetes
• Infectious Diseases
• Heart Diseases
• Respiratory Diseases
• Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
• Thyroid and other endocrine disorders