Dr. Onimi Shymala

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Specialty: Fertility Treatment

Hospital: Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre (SRMC)

Senior Consultant

Education: MBBS, MD (Ob & Gyn)
Area(s) of Specialization: Laparoscopy, Infertility & High Risk Obstetrics

Experience: 16 Years of Experience

Fellowships / Memberships:

Dr. O Syamala, Dr. Usharani G, Primary fallopian tube carcinoma:A case report, , JEMDS, March 2015, 4(22), 3907-3911
Dr.O Syamala, Dr.Usharani G, Scar endometriosis: Case report, JEMDS, Oct 2014, 3(55), 12700-12710
• Dr.Shruthi K, Dr.Usharani G, Dr. O Syamala, Double trouble:Heterotropic pregnancy, JSAFOG, Sep-Dec 2014, 6(3), 167-170
• Dr.Rukshana HN, Dr.Syamala O, Dr.Usharani G, A rare case of ovarian hyperstimulation after clomiphene citrate resulting in torsion and rupture, JEMDS, March 2014, 3(9), 2373-2377
• Dr.Anitha M, Dr.Syamala O, Dr.Usharani G, A case report on septate uterus, JEMDS, Sep 2013, 2(37), 7103-7106
• Dr.Anitha M, Dr.Syamala O, Dr.Usharani G, A case report of ruptured vasa previa, JEMDS, Sep 2013, 2(36), 6796-6799