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Specialty: Kidney – Reproductive System

Hospital: Thumbay Hospital, Ajman

Educational Qualifications: MBBCH, MSc & MD (Doctorate) of Urology

 Dr. Tamer has 15 years of experience in uro-oncology, pediatric urology, andrology and

laparoscopic & robotic surgeries

 Dr Tamer started his urology residency training program at the University of Al-Azhar/ Egypt

2001 and earned the master degree of urology in 2004 from the University of Al-Azhar/ Egypt.

 In 2007 Dr Tamer became an assistant lecturer of urology at University of Al-Azhar/ Egypt and its

university hospitals. In between, he worked at a Maximum level care hospitals in Cairo where he

gathered experiences in uro oncology, male infertility, impotence, urinary incontinence, uro –

Prosthesis and pediatric urology in Egypt.

 In 2011 Dr Tamer earned the medical doctorate (m.D) degree of Urology from University of Al-

Azhar/ Egypt and became a lecturer of Urology at University of al-Azhar/ Egypt and its university

hospitals and So he begins teaching of all urology skills to both under and post Graduates medical

students and urology doctors.

 In 2015 Dr Tamer joined Thumbay hospital in Ajman as consultant Urologist and also become

assistant professor of urology in gulf Medical university. His service includes both adult and

pediatric urology And andrology patients, and has a wealth of experience in conservative, Minor

and major surgical treatment of full scope urology diseases.

 Dr Tamer has more than 11 international published articles in the filled Of urology throughout

his work in the field of urology.

Among The Range Of His Interests Are:

 Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeries

 Stone Disease And Treatment Including Laser Therapy

 Pediatric Urology

 Laser Surgery

 Endoscopy And Endoscopic Surgery

 Male Infertility And Impotence

 Female Urology And Urodynamics (Incontinence And Bladder Dysfunction)

 Uro- Oncology (Cancer Diseases)

Professional Memberships:

 Active International Member Of The American Urologic Association (Aua)

 Active Member Of Egyptian Urologic Association (Eua)

 Assistant Secretary Of Endourology Unit Of Egyptian Urologic Association (Eua)

 Active Member Of Emirates Urologic Society (Eus)

 Active Member Of Endourological Society

 Active Member Of Siu

Language spoken
: English and Arabic