Finding the Best Orthopedic Specialist: Options for Canadians
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Finding the Best Orthopaedic Specialist: Options for Canadians 

Finding a good orthopedic surgeon or any good specialist is certainly harder than it seems. Everyone deserves the best medical care and treatment for their illnesses or injuries. When the problem involves the knee, shoulder or hip, they require the attention of special doctors called orthopaedic surgeons. It may be confusing how to search for the best to handle the issues. However, being aware of some tips will help in finding the best orthopaedic specialist and some options for Canadians.

Finding the Best Orthopedic Specialist: Options for Canadians
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What Are the Ways to Find Good Surgeons?

Some of the ways to optimize the search and get the best fit for the surgery include:

Find qualified candidates in the nearby vicinity 

When the client wants to search, it may be essential to first focus on the client’s immediate area. Finding an experienced, reputable and efficient orthopaedic surgeon who can communicate effectively is very valuable, especially when faced with the possibility of surgery. It may be beneficial to consult with the primary care doctor who will either have a referral network or may already be familiar with an orthopaedic surgeon in the area. Also, it may be crucial to discuss with family and friends to find out who among them has seen an orthopaedic surgeon or knows someone who already has. If the client doesn’t have any of the above, they may look for a surgeon on the web for professional organizations.

Verify the doctor’s credentials 

It is crucial to ensure that the orthopaedic specialist has the appropriate credentials and certification to administer the required treatment. This should help inform on the level of training and practice the doctor has. These certifications and credentials are issued after the doctors have undergone rigorous training. Board certification is the extra step that some doctors choose to take; it is not mandatory. When a doctor is board certified, they are regarded at a higher standard than others without the board certification. This board certification not only means that they are experts in their field, but also implies that they are constantly improving themselves and their skills as doctors. This can give the client peace of mind.

The facility where they work 

It is important to research the clinic or hospital where the surgeon is. Also, it is important to research its accreditation, which ensures that the standards are strictly followed for proper equipment, staffing, safety, protocols and proper vetting of surgeons.

Availability and cost 

It is crucial to be sure of the availability of the surgeon. Also, it is usually common that a doctor might have very long waiting lists for appointments. If this is the case, it may help to try talking with the nurse in the front office, or an employee. Usually, more urgent conditions can necessitate seeing the doctor sooner rather than later. It is also important to check beforehand if the costs of the surgery will be covered by insurance. Also check if the doctor that is under consideration is covered by the insurance provider.


A lot of orthopaedic surgeons are more specialized in some areas of the practice over others. Discussing the specialities with the surgeon as it relates to the problem that they have can help the client feel more comfortable. It is always important to assess the surgeon and their capabilities from the answers that they give to questions and their mannerisms. A very experienced surgeon will usually try to make the medical jargon very understandable to the client. The client may also want to ask the following pertinent questions: how many times they have performed that particular procedure, how many years of experience they have, and how many such cases they attend a year.

Knowledge about the procedure 

Even in the instance that the client has done research about the procedure, there are always grey areas or issues that they want clarity about. These questions, depending on how they are answered, will help in easing many of the worries that the client has about the procedure. A good orthopaedic surgeon will be patient and understanding and will always be willing to answer any question no matter how inane or repetitive it may be, without making the client feel stupid for asking. They may even choose to provide the client with additional information via materials and research papers that will help clarify the procedure for the client. They will also avail themselves to the client so that every part of the procedure will be covered before the surgery happens.


Empathy is an easily overlooked but important quality of a good orthopaedic specialist. The surgeon should have genuine concern for their patients, and not be in a hurry to get the procedures over with. They must be good listeners and excellent communicators. They must not have a judgmental character with their clients. Also, they must ensure that they provide an outward impression that they care for their client’s well-being. They also try to make everything as pleasant as possible for their clients. The client should feel understood, safe and comfortable for the duration of their contact with the surgeon.

Interview the likely candidates 

Once the client has gone through a checklist of the above qualities, they should schedule appointments with the likely candidates. They should be open about their reason for the appointments as well. During the meeting, the client needs to stay honest and straightforward and not shy away from any question that they may have concerns over. All the above-listed qualities must be assessed by the client. It is important to have a list and prepared questions for the appointments and they should mark the qualities that they see.

Finally, if the client does not see any adequate surgeon in their area, they may wish to seek overseas medical treatment. This is a form of medical or health tourism, and is usually provided by medical travel agencies or meditour agencies. They will also have a list of facilities with top surgeons that the client may wish to consult with.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more

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