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CBC Health

Cord blood stem cell has proved itself in the treatment of Ischemic stroke recovery. CBC health is a Munich based day-clinic and rehabilitation center. It treats stroke, cerebral palsy and other conditions. For more than twenty years, Cord Blood Center Group, was the first in Europe to process and prepare cord blood for regenerative transplants. German healthcare system is widely known for its high quality and efficiency consistently. CBC Health based in Munich redefines the regenerative health experience for stroke victims across the globe. It offers cord blood infusions for ischemic stroke survivors and applies high-quality cord blood components. The research-based treatments use cord blood components provided by CBC Health’s parent company – Cord Blood Center Group. CBC Health excellent standard of healthcare services focused on patient centric care and clinical outcomes.

What is umbilical cord stem cells?

Umbilical cord blood is the tissue and blood collected at birth. It is a very rich source of stem cells that can be used in research and in the clinic to treat diseases of the blood and immune system.

What is the character of cord stem cells?

The umbilical cord blood contains both hematopoietic and mesenchymal stomal stem cells.

Hematopoietic cells can be used to generate red blood cells and cells of the immune system. They are used to treat a range of blood disorders and immune system conditions such as leukemia, anemia and autoimmune diseases.

Mesenchymal stromal cells can grow into bone, cartilage and other types of tissues.

How are the cord stem cells stored and used?

Umbilical cord blood is collected and stored in a cord cell blood bank. They are used for the treatment of patients in CBC health.

What is the cost of Umbilical cord blood stem cell treatment?

The cost varies depending on the condition of the patient, type of blood group, treatment duration etc. Anavara can provide you a quick estimate within 24 hours once we receive your request.