Sheba Medical Center


Sheba Medical Center

Sheba Medical Center is one of the leading hospitals in Israel, and one of the World’s Top 10 Hospitals, according to Newsweek. With about 159 medical departments and clinics, 75 laboratories, and 2000 beds, Sheba Medical Center is located in Tel HaShomer, near Tel Aviv, on a 200-acre campus. It was established in 1948 and has become globally acknowledged as a leading force in Medicine. 

Some of the key areas of specialty at the hospital include: 

  • The Cancer Center 
  • Children’s hospital
  • Women’s Hospital
  • Medical research complex
  • Acute care hospital
  • Medical education academic campus
  • Rehabilitation hospital  

With about 10000 healthcare professionals, 1700 physicians, and 2740 nurses, Sheba Medical Center remains a notable hospital in the world. The hospital uses cutting-edge technologies and boasts the only Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Department in the world. The hospital takes pride in its professional team of expert clinicians dedicated to providing quality multidisciplinary healthcare to patients. 

At Sheba Medical Center, the advance in clinical patient care is prioritized, and the hospital staff is engaged in innovative treatments and cutting-edge research programs to achieve this. They cater to a wide range of patients, even international patients, and provide translators. The doctors provide a personalized approach to treatment with the knowledge that each patient is unique. The Cancer Center at the hospital boasts cutting-edge technologies and molecular imaging tools for diagnosis and monitoring recurrence of cancer in patients. 

The hospital’s Rehabilitation Center has high-tech equipment to handle different cases, including neurologic, speech and hearing, orthopedic, and psychiatric issues. The hospital is the first in the world to have a Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Center.