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How to Apply for a Medical Visa in India?

India is now considered a popular destination for people looking for excellent medical services and top-notch healthcare at a lower cost. This is especially so when compared to nations in Europe and the USA. India has state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that are highly regarded and attract patients worldwide. This reflects the country’s commitment to providing the needed medical care to prospective patients around the world. If you want to know how to apply for a medical visa in India, this article is for you.

What is the Indian medical visa?

This is a visa that is available to only individuals who are seeking medical treatment in the country. Only the people who are coming to India for medical purposes are eligible for the visa category. The family members who are accompanying the patient cannot use the Indian medical e-visa and would opt for the medical attendant visa. People who are coming to India for other purposes like business, study or tourism all have their appropriate e-visa that must be applied for. Also, there is a limit of two medical attendant visas for each medical visa that is issued. The medical visa can be obtained by people from about 166 countries that are eligible for the visa, including Canada, USA, Nigeria and others.

How to Apply for a Medical Visa in India

What is the validity of the Indian medical visa?

The visa is valid for 60 days from the arrival date of the patient in the country. The holder of the visa can also visit the country three times within 60 days of the visa’s validity (triple-entry visa). Also, the visa can be issued to a person three times in a single year, in the instance that they need to revisit the country for their medical issues.

What are the requirements for the Indian medical visa? How to Apply for a Medical Visa in India?

To apply for the Indian medical visa, the patient or applicant should have the following documents:

  •  A scanned or digital copy of the patient’s passport’s biography page. It must be a standard passport and not the diplomatic or other types.
  • The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into India.
  • Working e-mail address
  • Copy of a letter from the Indian hospital where the treatment will be done, with the hospital’s official letterhead. This is referred to as the invitation letter.
  • A recent passport image of the patient
  • A return or onward ticket out of India

Also, a medical or diagnostic report from the patient’s country of residence may be required. This as well as some other requirements varies across different countries, so it is important to check with the Indian embassy or consulate in the appropriate country about their particular requirements.

What is the application process for the Indian medical visa?

The Indian medical e-visa can be applied for from the Government of India’s official website. The applications can be made a minimum of 4 days in advance. The steps to apply for the medical e-visa include:

  • Visit the government’s e-visa page and fill out the necessary details like nationality, passport-type, etc. It is important to note that only the holders of ordinary passports are eligible to apply for the e-visa. Other passport-type holders would need to obtain visas through the Indian embassy or consulates in their country.
  • Select eMEDICAL VISA in the type of e-visa required.
  • Fill in the expected arrival date and press continue.
  • Fill in the form with the details required like passport details, visa details, etc. Some security questions will also be asked at that stage
  • Upload the required documents and verify the application details.
  • Pay the visa fee
  • The e-visa would be then sent via email.

For people applying for a normal visa, the initial process is mostly the same. However, after the completion of the online forms, a page where the candidate will pick a date for the visa interview will be brought up. The patient then picks an available date and then confirms the appointment. After this, the form will automatically be downloaded in a pdf format. The patient is expected to print out the form and attach a passport photograph to it. Their name and signature should be behind it and then wait for the interview date. 

The visa interview must be attended in person and the applicants are expected to be punctual. They are expected to come with all the originals and photocopies of their documents, including their international passports. Also, they should know the details of their journey, like the name of the hospital, the city where it is, their expected time of stay, etc. If the interviewer is satisfied after the interview, the patient will be asked to return after a few days for their medical visa.

How much is the Indian medical visa fee?

The fee varies according to the patient’s country of residence. It is advisable to check with the Indian embassy or consulate in that country to determine the fee structure of the visa.

What is the processing time of the medical visa?

The Indian medical visa takes about 72 hours to process from the time of approval of the application. It may take longer in some cases.

Can the visa be extended?

There are some cases where the medical treatment extends beyond the initially approved time. In such a case, the patient can apply for an extension of their medical visa. There should be a recommendation from the treating hospital in India and updated medical reports should be attached to the request for an extension.

What are the tips for a successful visa application?

Some of the tips that may ensure a successful application include the following:

  • Early application – It is always better to apply ahead of time to ensure timely processing. This is because delays can occur, and the early application provides a buffer for any unplanned occurrence.
  • Accurate information – Always provide accurate and truthful information in the application form and supporting documents. It is always helpful because any discrepancy can lead to delays or outright rejection of the application.
  • Complete documentation – Complete and submit all the required documents according to the guidelines.
  • Adhere to the instructions – This includes the specific guidelines for the document formats, the photo specifications, and all the procedural requirements.
  • Stay informed – Always stay informed about any changes in the visa application process or requirements. Being aware of potential changes to the regulations helps in preparing a comprehensive and updated application.

Here are some more resources on how to apply for medical visa in India from the embassies in Paris or Abuja.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more

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