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Kardashian Removing BBL

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is fast becoming one of the most performed and popular cosmetic procedures performed in the world. A lot of people are opting to get it due to its increasing popularity, with men and women rushing to get it so that they can have the rounder and curvier buttocks. However, some patients choose to return to their previous shape after getting the procedure for a myriad of reasons. An example of such a case is Kim Kardashian and the talk of her removing her BBL. 

Kardashian Removing BBL Kim
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The reality star who is known for her famous curves recently sparked rumours that she had had her butt fillers removed after appearing much slimmer in some new pictures. However, sources close to the celebrity have debunked the rumour, stating that the mother of four simply stopped getting the Brazilian butt lift top-ups, and did not have a reduction or a filler removal. The source further disclosed that the star never got any implants, that what she had was simply fat transfer to her butt, adding that she had topped it up often for the duration of her marriage to Kanye West. The source opined that she stopped getting those transfers, leading to the loss through natural efforts at weight loss. Stating that while her then-partner Kanye West loved the look, Pete Davidson did not care about that and just wanted her to be happy, however she looked. 

In a 2011 episode of the well-liked reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the celebrity even went so far as to get a scan to refute rumours that she had received butt implants. She has long since played down these rumours. Kim Kardashian, who recently revealed she has lost 9.5kg, sparked these rumours of a reduction after she posted a photo of herself with a pair of leggings on Instagram. She also revealed that she lost more than 7kg in three weeks to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala in May of last year. She has also been flaunting her new slim figure in skimpy clothing after losing weight, sharing a series of pictures on her Instagram. It is important to talk about what BBL is and how it is affected by weight.

What is a BBL? 

Brazilian butt lift, popularly referred to as ‘BBL’ is a buttock reshaping surgery that involves the transfer of fat from an area or multiple areas in the body of the patient to their buttocks for an enhanced look. In the procedure, fat is harvested from areas in the patient’s body like the thighs, the abdominal area or the sides. This harvesting is done through liposuction. After they are collected, the fats are purified and prepared for the subsequent transfer by placing them in syringes. Then, the fat is strategically injected into the buttocks in thin precise layers. The fat is manually massaged between each injection by the surgeon performing the procedure. This is to properly mould the butt into the desired, attractive shape. This procedure has the advantage of having a slimming effect in the areas where the fat is gotten from.

Kardashian Removing BBL procedure
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What is the relationship between weight and BBL?

People who are considering getting a BBL should be in good health, be nonsmokers or those who have quit, and have fat that can be harvested and transferred during the procedure. While there is strictly no maximum weight that is required for a BBL procedure, the person’s dynamics like the weight, BMI, and other factors in the overall health of the patient will be evaluated by the surgeon. This is to determine if they are good candidates for the procedure. For people who have very low BMI, surgery is not an option. The recommendation in this type of instance is for the person to go for a butt augmentation instead. This is an alternative to the BBL where implants are used instead of fats. 

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Individuals with sagging butts or severe skin laxity may be better candidates for the traditional butt lift surgery, which involves the removal of excess skin to achieve a tighter and more natural shape. It is also crucial to be careful about making significant weight changes before a BBL procedure. This is because the act can alter the long-term effect of the procedure. However, if the patient is committed to maintaining the weight changes, this may not arise. An example is when a patient gains weight to qualify for a BBL procedure and then loses weight after. The transferred fat will also be lost along with the general body fat. This will lead to the reversal of the achieved results. This can also inversely happen when a patient loses weight for the procedure and eventually proceeds to gain the weight back. 

Another common misconception is that because a person is fat, they already have their desired and shapely butt. But different people carry their weight differently, and a lot of overweight people have very flat buttocks. Those patients are the ideal candidates for the procedure as it is the solution to balancing out their curves and creating a more appealing body shape and proportions for them.

How does one prepare for a BBL procedure?

People need to be aware of the preparation procedures for a BBL before attempting to get the procedure. As previously discussed, a steady weight is crucial and the first act that should be observed by prospective patients, to avoid the reversal of the results achieved. This can be done by the patients maintaining a steady diet and exercise routine before the surgery, and doing the same after properly healing from the procedure. Some other additional tips that may be helpful for those preparing for a BBL include:

  • Planning for the recovery period after the surgery
  • Quitting smoking
  • Quitting the excess intake of alcohol
  • Setting realistic expectations for the procedure

In some instances, it may be important to visit a specialist to get the procedure. This can be a specialist in another country; in such instances, the patient should seek the help of a medical health travel agency or meditour agency. These agencies can offer overseas medical treatment, which is usually a form of medical tourism or health tourism in those countries.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more

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