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Dubai: A Medical Tourism Destination

Dubai Medical tourism is achieving milestones in recent years, international medical patients have been travelling to Dubai to take advantage of fair priced private medical treatments in the country’s reputed private hospitals. 

Dubai has well advanced medical professionals with super specialist doctors and surgeons, mostly studied and trained in the US, UK or Western Europe. Patients coming from all over the world can take benefits of a wide range of surgical procedures like Cosmetic Surgery, dermatology, Orthopaedic, aesthetics as well as fertility treatments. On the other side, 

Dubai is justifiably famed for its smashing nightlife, shopping malls and is covered with lip-smacking cuisine, which gives a great vibe to discerning travellers.

Key Strengths Of Medical Tourism In UAE

  • More travellers
  • High quality attentive medical care
  • Support of Public and Private healthcare in Dubai for tourists
  • High-cost savings for medical treatment compared to many industrialized countries.

Why Choose Dubai Health And Medical Tourism For Your Health Care Needs?

  • Government investment and Initiative for Dubai medical Tourism

As the medical tourism market continues to grow, Dubai medical tourism has seen its huge potential in attracting international patients to its location. Recently. Dubai Healthcare Authority initiated the online portal where doctors can connect with patients virtually along with them they combined hotels, hospitals, airlines, travel and booking agents as well. This strategy not only in Dubai but became popular in the entire UAE because through this patients can ask queries regarding medical tourism and surgery, checkups also information regarding visa, flight price, etc. can be shared through this online portal. This is how Dubai Health tourism is investing heavily in promoting and side by side giving comfort to patients who are far and can’t come to Dubai because of pandemic times. The Government of Dubai also started targeting countries like Russia and China for health care in Dubai. 

  • A fascinating country with many tourist opportunities

Many visitors are choosing to travel to Dubai because of its stunning infrastructure, its fantabulous malls and obviously for Burj Khalifa. Many people are choosing to combine their Dubai medical treatments and with some of the impressive sites in Dubai and around the country. 

  • All kinds of doctors 

Dubai medical tourism is providing a wide range of health and related services. It includes wellness, cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgeries, oncologists, orthopaedics, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, endocrinologists, neuro physicians, Physiotherapists, Dentists and other healthcare and medical experts.

  • Affordable health care Cost

High standards of medical care along with affordable prices makes Dubai Medical Tourism attractive. Medical travel to Dubai is increasingly becoming more popular especially with the British, American and Western European patients that seek cheaper alternatives close by. It is possible to save 30-40% of any surgery compared with equivalent procedures in the UK. 

  • Dubai Medical Tourism Visa

The Government of Dubai made it easy for people who are visiting Dubai for medical purposes by allowing companionship with patients for a maximum of 90 days. But legal documents are mandatory. So such liberal services in Dubai are making it more welcoming for the patients. 

  • Innovative Technology

Dubai has been the superior name for high-end, sophisticated, ultra-modern and unparalleled technology. Especially in CT scans, MRI and PET. Also wireless brain sensors, 3D printing, CRISPR and what not. 

  • Language Barriers is not an issue 

Even though Dubai is a Muslim country medical patients travelling from different countries won’t find it difficult to convey their messages because Dubai’s maximum population speaks English.

  • Economic impact

As the country pushes ahead with efforts to address barriers to medical tourism growth, doors should also be opened for operators in travel and hospitality, where there is potential for tie-ins with health service providers. Hotels, resorts and other serviced accommodation could, for example, adapt their offerings to the needs of recuperating patients, such as special dietary foods, ease-of-mobility improvements, and access to medical and rehabilitation personnel. While targeting the health and wellness segment would require some investment up-front, gaining a foothold in this market could bring strong advantages, including longer average stays, larger bookings for accompanying family and a higher share of clientele from the upper end of the tourism market.

  1. Magnificent infrastructure

 As Dubai is an economically stable country, its infrastructure is clearly visible in Dubai Medical Tourism. Today Dubai’s medical centre and hospitals exceptionally offer the highest quality.

  1. Faster Service

Unlike many countries, such as the US or the UK, there are virtually no waiting lists in Dubai. This is a great advantage for those who need timely access to medical care or want to plan their treatment for when it best suits their schedule.

  1. Cancer Treatments

Be it skin cancer treatment, urinary tract, brain cancer or lung cancer Dubai’s specialist advanced diagnosis and treatment by Dubai’s health experts is spot on. 


In 2019, Dubai medical tourism noticed a whopping 10% increase in medical patients in different countries. Around 350,000 medical tourists visit Dubai for the best treatment. s

Cost Of Medical Treatments In Dubai 

  1. Bariatric Surgery – $5000- $6000 
  2. Secondary Nose Surgery – $8000-$9000
  3. Face Surgery –  $ 5000- $10000
  4. Ear Surgery – $4000 – $5000
  5. Cosmetic Nose Surgery – $6000 – $8000

For some it is about fast treatment, for some, it is about the budget-friendly treatment and for some it’s about the idea of combining treatment with a holiday trip. Whatever the reason medical tourism in Dubai continues to gain the interest of a more wide and varied international audience of new patients season after season and year after year.