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One of our clients who wish to remain anonymous tells us about his experience.

After flying out to As-Salam International Hospital, Cairo in Egypt on the 17th of June, 2021, he says he found the whole process easy from the first contact with Anavara. When asked about the experience during the visit, he says, “It was fruitful and amazing, all services are excellent. I get quick response in everything.” Rating his experience with Anavara and treatment at the hospital as excellent, he would consider using and recommending Anavara again so others can share the good news.

Traveling from Nigeria to Egypt is usually not a long flight, just about four hours. Both countries are in Africa but securing visas, flight tickets, and other logistics might be time-consuming. Anavara stepped in to ease this stress. We helped coordinate his visa application form arranged for other requirements like tickets, accommodation, receiving in Egypt, and other logistics.

Our anonymous client was effusive in his praises about how we were quick to answer his questions and make him comfortable. He expressed his happiness about using our services to facilitate his medical visit. He had a delightful and fruitful visit at the hospital. The hospital staff treated him well and made the visit easy. The ease and fruitfulness of the visit convinced him of Anavara’s efficiency, and he will recommend us to others too.