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Mr. Mohammad Mainul Hassan was suffering from Sinus disease for a very long time. He met doctors in Dhaka in Bangladesh and got treatment from them. However, all of them suggested that surgery was the long term solution for his condition.
While Dhaka does have facility for this surgery, he was not confident. He was also apprehensive of going abroad for treatment. It was at this time, he met our Bangladesh CMO Ms.Shampa Saha, Anavara, sent the report of the client to our Chennai team in India, who got estimate from different hospitals. Mr. Hassan based on his research on the internet and recommendations from a few friends decided to travel to Chennai. He arrived in Chennai on the 6th of Jan and was immediately taken to the guest house, which he had selected while in Bangladesh.
After initial diagnosis, doctors recommended surgery which was fixed on the 12th of Jan. The surgery was completed within 2 hours. He was kept under observation for a day and discharged the next day.
FRRO registration both in the hotel and hospital was coordinated by Anavara.
He returned on the 20th of Jan, 2020 back to Dhaka. On the way in Kolkatta, they had an issue with Immigration officials. Anavara’s rep was able to provide requisite details from hospital which quickly resolved the issue