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Capt James works for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. He has diabetes. During the course of his work, he hurt himself in the leg (Foot). Since he left it untreated for some time, gangrene started spreading up into his legs.
It was on a Monday morning he saw our banner in a hospital in Nigeria. It intrigued him and he called our office. Immediately the same day, our staff met him, took his reports and sent it to India for an estimate. (Since he had indicated India as his preferred country of treatment)
We got estimate the very next day, but all estimates were bit ambiguous as the hospitals wanted to test him before they could specify the line of treatment. However, they did specify that based on the reports he may have to undergo amputation of his legs. He selected Global hospital Mumbai as his preferred hospital, as he saw their facilities on their website and was convinced about its capability.
On Wednesday, Anavara got an invite letter from the hospital. Anavara also helped James to fill out his application to the Indian High commission (consulate) in Lagos for his medical visa. The same was submitted on Thursday. We requested the Indian consulate to treat his visa as urgent as he was in constant pain. We got the visa the next week by Wednesday. He left to India by Kenyan airways on Friday.
He was received in the Mumbai airport by an ambulance from Global. The emergency doctor who met him at the hospital saw his condition, and recommended immediate surgery as delay might result in gangrene spreading to other parts of the body and could potentially be fatal. He got the consent of his daughter who was in the US at that time. The surgery was immediately done and he was taken from the ICU to his room the next day.
Initially he did not believe that his leg had been amputated. But he had prepared himself for this eventuality as it was informed as appropriate solution even when he was in Nigeria. He was given counselling and also trained to walk with crutches and walker.
He was pleased with Anavara services and consented to this video.