The Success of Olanrewaju’s Heart and Esophagus Surgeries

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Meet Olanrewaju Rafat, who heard about Anavara from a friend’s recommendation and decided to give us a try. So on the 28th of October, 2020, Olanrewaju flew out to Ramesh Hospital in Guntur, India, for heart and esophagus surgeries.

Olanrewaju proclaimed the experience very okay and found the entire process easy upon first contact with Anavara. Upon finding the treatment at the hospital to be good, Olanrewaju rates the entire experience to be excellent and would consider using Anavara again and even recommending Anavara to others.

Anavara coordinated his visa application form, arranged for other requirements like ticket, accommodation, receiving in India and all other logistics. There was a team member in India, ready to welcome him and enjoy he had a hitch-free stay.

Olanrewaju traveled to Guntur in India from Nigeria. It was a long flight as both countries are in different continents, but he was determined to complete this medical visit and distance was not a deterring factor. At the end of the medical tourism, he proclaims that he enjoyed his experience, from the welcome to the farewell. He found the hospital treatment reliable and worth the experience. This has definitely given him the confidence to engage in medical tourism again with Anavara. The experience he had has made him happy enough to recommend Anavara as a reliable health and wellness facilitator to friends and people requiring the service.