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Air Ambulance in Dubai

An air ambulance is used to transport a patient to a medical center for treatment. These aircraft are equipped to provide emergency care on board. With an increase in the popularity of air ambulances, their connectivity has improved and extended to remote areas. The main purpose of air ambulances is to aid quick medical evacuation. They are well suited for areas with poor terrain making ground transport ineffective. They are also essential when a patient needs to be evacuated urgently to a different city while gravely injured.

Air ambulances are specialized winged aircraft for both emergency and non-emergency patient transportation. They are frequently used in crises to carry out the fast evacuation of seriously ill or injured patients. Years before the airplane was created, the advantages of aerial medical transportation were understood. This is evidenced in the use of hot air balloons in 1870 for the evacuation of wounded soldiers during the Franco-Prussian wars. 

Air evacuation of the wounded using helicopters later became commonplace practice during wars. This was because helicopters could be used to reach remote destinations in short amounts of time. Treatment of patients by qualified personnel could also commence as soon as they were in the aircraft. The use of air transport is becoming increasingly common in Dubai. This is because of the ease with which it operates.

air ambulance in Dubai
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Types of Air Ambulances in Dubai

The two major types of aircraft used in air ambulance service are:

  • Jet aircraft: An air ambulance with a fixed wing is a jet aircraft. It promotes safe traveling and is more roomy, comfortable, and less noisy. It is easier and safer to operate under erratic weather conditions. This makes patient comfort optimum.
  • Turbo-pop rescue planes: Helicopters are a type of turbo-pop rescue planes. They are suitable for short flights, possess rotary wings, and can land in narrow spaces. They are also cheaper to operate than jet aircraft.

Services Offered by Dubai Air Ambulance

  • Perinatal Transport: The perinatal air ambulance service is prepared to offer delivery services even while en route to the hospital. Provisions are also made for neonatal care post-delivery.
  • Burn patient transportation: Patients who have been burned need to be treated with the highest level of expertise. In order to address these urgent situations, the medical professionals in the care of these patients are skilled and knowledgeable with the availability of standard burn patient-friendly air crafts and equipment.
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Transport: Accommodations are made for the transportation of children of all ages who require critical care, particularly infants. The availability of appropriate technology to take care of children with different conditions makes this service effective.
  • Organ Transport: In circumstances where speed is of the essence, the air ambulance in Dubai has a specialized emergency response crew with special coordination. They are committed to getting there as soon as possible at the donor and receiver locations.
  • Critical Patient Transport: The Dubai air ambulance service is equipped to serve critically ill patients from both homes and hospitals to other care facilities without interruptions in health services.

Benefits of Air Ambulance Service in Dubai

  • The primary benefit of using an air ambulance service is the ability to quickly transport people who are experiencing life-threatening medical situations. This is very essential in cases where patients are in remote areas with poor road access networks.
  • The employment of an air ambulance service is also possible when a patient’s condition necessitates transportation to distant or lengthy special facilities. This ensures that the patient arrives earlier increasing the chances of survival. This circumvents poor road networks and congested traffic faced by road ambulances.
  • Air ambulances are also advantageous because specialized equipment required by most patients can fit on a helicopter or airplane.
  • Due to the availability of space and more equipment, medical assistance can continue undisturbed while using air ambulances unlike in road transport. This is particularly important for patients in critical conditions where every minute counts.
  • Quick and extensive coverage: Air ambulances provide services in rural and urban regions alike. Moreover, they are faster than ground ambulances.

What is the process of scheduling an air ambulance?

The following procedure is necessary to book an air ambulance in Dubai:

  • Contact should be made to the medical institution that offers the air ambulance service.
  • An assessment of the patient’s condition is then made by the department concerned, and a case report for approval is sent.
  • The patient will receive medical attention from a paramedic or doctor until an air ambulance arrives.
  • The paramedic or doctor will also let the hospital’s emergency dispatch management team know.
  • The patient will be transported to the air ambulance’s landing area with the aid of a ground ambulance.


An invaluable resource in medical situations is the air ambulance. However, it is crucial to consider the numerous limitations of this mode of transportation while making decisions regarding patient care. As a result, it’s important to individually analyze each patient’s needs and take the essential steps.

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