Jordan Hospital


Jordan Hospital

Jordan Hospital, situated in Amman, Jordan, is the largest private academic hospital in the region and the only one that performs liver transplantation in the region. It boasts of an outstanding record of adult and pediatric transplantations. The hospital applies a multidisciplinary approach in handling cases with its team of American and Europe-trained specialists. The Cardiovascular department is notably a pioneer for advanced cardiovascular and endovascular procedures in the region. Expert surgeons carry out bariatric, advanced laparoscopic, and minimally invasive surgeries in Jordan Hospital and Medical Center. There is a dedicated rehabilitation team to support patients post surgeries, especially after the advanced hip and knee joint replacement surgeries offered by the Orthopedic department. 

Jordan Hospital has a capacity of 350 beds and is renowned for its excellence in all fields of medicine. The hospital boasts of highly advanced medical facilities and devices, some of which include: 

  • The most advanced Simens radiology imaging scanners
  • Two 512 CT scanners 
  • Two T3 MRIs 
  • A modern 12-bed ICU with built-in ventilators, etc. 

Jordan Hospital has accreditations from JCI (Joint Commission International) and HCAC (HealthCare Accreditation Council). They also meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. The Arab Board for Medical Specialities and the Jordanian Medical Council recognize the hospital’s postgraduate programs. 

Medical and nursing care is important and provided by a staff of highly skilled experts in the hospital. Jordan hospital is a highly recognized and distinguished center in the region, popular also for its skills in the areas of Plastic and Reconstructive procedures, ophthalmic surgery, and Gynecological and Neurosurgical procedures.