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King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

King’s College Hospital London is a world-renowned teaching hospital in London with over 175 years’ experience. In writing the next chapter in the King’s legacy, our very first Dubai based hospital in the prestigious Dubai Hills opened in January 2019. In doing so, King’s has invested over USD 200 million into bringing the best of British Healthcare to the UAE.

Pediatric Orthopedics: The Pediatric Orthopedic department is headed by world-renowned Dr Marc Sinclair, Consultant Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, and Lead Orthopedic Surgeon at King’s College Hospital London in Dubai. The scope of service includes non-surgical to complex surgical treatments for a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions and congenital defects including:

  • Bone and joint conditions
  • Deformities of the limbs
  • Deformities of the spine

Fetal Medicine: Our fetal medicine service has direct links with The Fetal Medicine Research Institute in London which is part of King’s College Hospital, led by world-renowned fetal medicine expert, Professor Kypros Nicolaides. We also have links with King’s College Hospital’s Harris Birthright Centre, a leading clinical unit and research center for the assessment and treatment of unborn babies, caring for more than 10,000 patients each year.

The service at King’s is led by a team of doctors who are highly skilled and proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with unborn babies. Women who are referred to our team are seen urgently and, depending on the results of their scan, will be referred to other doctors within our group who specialise in genetics, fetal cardiology, neonatology, surgery and/or neurology who will advise on the best treatment options.

Pediatric  and Adult Hepatology Liver Transplants: King’s College Hospital Dubai offers highly specialized treatment for children with liver disease, as well as associated problems that can affect the kidneys and small bowel (intestines). Conditions that we can diagnose and treat include:

Therapeutic Endoscopy: At King’s College Hospital London, UAE, we have the most advanced endoscopic equipment to provide patients with advanced endoscopy solutions for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. Apart from common endoscopic procedures for the food-pipe, stomach and colon, we also specialize in ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) which is used to treat patients suffering from obstruction of the bile ducts leading to jaundice (such as bile duct stones, bile duct cancer or gallbladder cancer), and patients with pancreatic diseases. Our advanced luminal     endoscopy program is one of the very few in the middle east providing endoscopic treatment for obesity, acid reflux disease, early bowel cancers, swallowing disorders and gastroparesis (slow gastric emptying).


Orthopedics: Our Orthopedic Department is made up of doctors with fellowships in dedicated sub-specialties such as knee, hand, sports and pediatric orthopedic surgery. The focused training in their specific field facilitates better patient care and makes King’s a “one stop shop” for orthopedics. Cross departmental referrals ensure every patient is treated by the physician with the most experience for each diagnosis. Our Orthopedics Department has world-renown experts such as Dr Gwynne Howell, who was awarded The Order of the British Empire for services to Orthopedics By Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, ruler of The United Kingdom.

Heart and Vascular: Our specialist cardiologist team have many years’ experience in providing the full range of heart care for patients.  Our Cardiovascular Department places a strong emphasis on health maintenance and is organized along six streams.

  1. Preventive cardiology
  2. Common heart and blood vessel conditions
  3. Non-invasive cardiology
  4. Non-invasive vascular medicine.
  5. Invasive/Interventional cardiology
  6. Endovascular intervention

Metabolic Disorders and Obesity Program: King’s Weight Loss & Bariatric Program provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to obesity and diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Our program incorporates non-surgical options, in addition to emotional assessment prior to considering surgical treatment.  Our program ensures high safety standards and uses the most up to date techniques.