How Much is Surrogacy in Mexico?
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How Much is Surrogacy in Mexico?

Surrogacy in Mexico

Are you considering surrogacy in Mexico but feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The usual first question, “How much is surrogacy in Mexico?” is answered here. We will discuss the factors that also contribute to the cost.

Surrogacy is a procedure that offers a pathway to parenthood for individuals and couples who are unable to conceive and carry a child themselves. The process is expensive, and it is important to understand the cost implications that are associated with surrogacy in Mexico. Surrogacy in Mexico has seen many rule changes over the years. Initially legal in 1997, it faced problems with misuse. In 2016, Tabasco State banned surrogacy for foreign and same-sex couples. However, in 2021, the Supreme Court declared that compensated surrogacy is a protected medical procedure. Thus, extending legality to all intended parents.

How Much is Surrogacy in Mexico?

This is important as gaining a clear understanding of the cost implications can help the intended parents make informed decisions and plan their surrogacy accordingly. Cost of surrogacy in Mexico can go from 50k to about 90k dollars depending on different factors of the procedure. When planning on having a surrogacy procedure in Mexico, the intended parents would have to financially plan for the following:

Agency fees and surrogacy program cost

Agency fees and surrogacy program costs are what surrogacy agencies charge for their services. These agencies make the process easier for intended parents. Their fees cover things like case management, matching intended parents with surrogates, legal help, and program coordination. Costs vary based on the agency’s quality, services, and support level.

Surrogate mother costs 

Surrogate mother costs to cover her compensation. It’s a big part of overall surrogacy expenses. This includes her base pay for time and effort, plus extras like medical bills and maternity clothes. The amount that is paid in compensation can vary depending on the location and experience of the surrogate. It also depends on the terms that have been agreed to in the surrogacy agreement

These can vary based on the type of surrogacy agreement that has been made. It also factors in the drafting and reviewing of the surrogacy agreement, establishing parental rights, and ensuring compliance with the local laws and regulations. Also, administrative fees may be paid for document processing, notarization and other tasks

Medical costs 

These are also a major part of the overall costs and a significant process in the success of surrogacy. It includes fertility testing, medical screening and evaluation, medications, embryo transfer process, prenatal care and the cost of delivery. There are also costs to consider like the ones that are associated with the IVF part of surrogacy. These include egg retrieval, sperm collection and the embryo creation, testing and storage.

Travel and accommodation costs 

For international intended parents, travel and staying in Mexico for parts of the surrogacy process are necessary. You’ll need to be there for the first meeting, medical procedures, and when the baby is born. It’s a big part of planning. The flight costs, accommodation, transportation and feeding will all need to be factored into the costs when planning for the overall budget.


This is usually taken out for the surrogate’s medical expenses and the unborn child’s health. It is important to consider this. Costs can vary depending on what’s covered, your specific insurance, and Mexico’s requirements.

Miscellaneous expenses 

Extra costs, like translation services, might come up during surrogacy. It’s crucial to include them in your budget.

Surrogate Mother in Mexico

How Much is Surrogacy in Mexico?
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Finding a surrogate mother in Mexico needs special attention because surrogacy laws there are unique. Surrogacy agencies help assist intended parents, especially international intended parents in navigating the complex process. They help in the screening and matching of profiles. They also provide personalized consultations to ensure the intended parents can make informed decisions. Their legal team is also important in ensuring that there is compliance with the legal dynamics of the country. The surrogate compensation can range from between 10k to 30k dollars which is significantly less than what is seen in the USA. 

Gay Surrogacy in Mexico

Mexico has a long history of supporting the rights of LGBT people. In Mexico, there is recognition of same-sex marriage, stepchild adoption and child adoption for same-sex couples. In 2011, the Mexican Constitution was amended to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Also, hate speech against gay people is criminalized, and conversion therapy for minors is legally banned. In 2021, surrogacy in Mexico changed when the Supreme Court declared that surrogacy was a protected medical procedure. This means that the procedure is open to everyone and no one is discriminated against. However, not all jurisdictions have accepted the Court’s directives, but Mexico is a reasonably progressive country.

Is Mexico safe for intended parents?

Recently, Mexico may have gotten a reputation as a dangerous destination. However, the high crime rates are mostly attributed to specific regions of the country that are easily identified and avoided. Just like in other countries, some areas in Mexico are safer for foreigners than others. Mexico City, for example, is considered one of the safest cities in Mexico. It is even safer than popular tourist spots like Cancun. The central areas are even safer, with a lot of tourist destinations. However, there are areas of Mexico City that travellers should avoid. These spots are usually contained in specific neighbourhoods, making it easy for tourists to stay in the safer zones.


Surrogacy in Mexico offers a promising path to parenthood, despite its legal and financial complexities. But you do not have to face these difficulties alone.

Starting your surrogacy journey may seem overwhelming, but with the right support, it’s totally doable. Whether you’re new to surrogacy or doing thorough research, we hope this guide helps you make informed choices. Remember, your journey to parenthood is unique, and you deserve the guidance to make it happen!

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to us today and begin your surrogacy journey with confidence!


How much does surrogacy cost in Mexico? 

It varies depending on the programs and services offered by different agencies. Costs typically range from $50,000 to $90,000.

What factors affect the cost of surrogacy in Mexico? 

Factors include location, medical procedures, legal fees, surrogate compensation, donor gametes, agency fees, hidden charges, and success rates.

Are there any legal restrictions on surrogacy in Mexico? 

Yes, rules differ by state. Some allow paid surrogacy, others don’t. It’s crucial to work with experts familiar with local laws to protect everyone’s rights.

Can same-sex couples or individuals pursue surrogacy in Mexico?

Yes, but there are still variations and restrictions across states. Researching requirements in surrogacy-friendly states is essential.


The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more

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