Your Guide to Surrogate Mothers in Chicago
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Your Guide to Surrogate Mothers in Chicago 

Are you considering surrogacy in Illinois and looking for information on surrogate mothers in Chicago? You’re in the right place! In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about surrogacy in Illinois. We are including costs, agencies, and the process. Let’s get started!

Surrogacy in Illinois

When looking for a suitable place to conduct a surrogacy treatment in the United States of America, some states are better than others, and Illinois happens to be one of the best states for surrogacy. The state law recognizes and clearly defines surrogacy to protect both the intended parents and the surrogates. One of the many advantages of conducting a surrogacy treatment in Illinois is the simplified legal process of becoming a parent through a surrogate. The Gestational Act of 2005 allows the intended parents’ names to be put on the birth certificate of the child immediately. This is so that they become the legal parents at the birth of the child, instead of having to go to court afterwards to handle it. 

In Illinois, you have choices when it comes to finding a surrogate. You can do it on your own or use a surrogacy agency. If you go solo, you will need to research the legal and medical details. They may also need a lawyer to help them handle the legal requirements. However, if they choose an agency, they will help make the complicated process a lot easier. In addition to offering a clear explanation of the costs involved and the process, the agencies will also help in the most difficult parts of the surrogacy journey. They will also cover the legalities and logistics of the procedures. Thus, leaving the intended parents to concentrate on the more important parts of the journey like their child and their impending parenthood.

Cost of surrogacy in Illinois

The cost of surrogacy is one of the most challenging questions and the greatest hindrance to intended parents in surrogacy. The total could reach between $80,000 to $120,000, and sometimes more. The idea of encountering hidden fees and unexpected costs can be an issue, especially in the middle or at the end of the surrogacy process. To better understand the cost breakdown of surrogacy, intended parents should be aware that the price would include: 

In the case that some complications or issues arise that will mean that a new surrogate will be needed, the fixed cost will also cover unlimited re-matching. This is for intended parents who choose an agency to cover their surrogacy treatment. Other expenses that may be required may include:

  • fees for a double embryo transfer, 
  • insurance for the surrogate and the newborn, 
  • fees charged by the fertility clinic, 
  • additional surrogate compensation and a fee for international intended parents.

Surrogate mother costs in Illinois

The base compensation for a surrogate in Illinois starts at about 40k dollars and can extend to 60k dollars. This amount is usually paid in nine monthly instalments beginning when the pregnancy has been confirmed. A surrogate is also entitled to an 800-dollar maternity clothing allowance. She also gets 200 dollars per month to spend as she so wishes. Some agencies will usually take out a life insurance policy that is aimed at protecting the surrogate’s dependents. They will also ensure that the surrogate gets legal services, medical billing support, and support group engagement. It is all aimed at helping her get through the pregnancy. The surrogate will also be covered for her travel expenses to and from the clinic. They will also receive stipends for the injectable medication and the embryo transfer process. Other compensations that they may receive include: 

  • an 8k dollars fee if they are carrying multiples, 
  • 2500 dollars in the case that they delivered through a C-section, 
  • several 500 dollars fees for various things like a cancelled cycle or invasive procedure, 
  • lost wages if they are to be on doctor-ordered bed rest, and more. 

The surrogate can also get an 80-dollar housekeeping allowance when they are on bed rest and cannot do any work. All the medical bills are also covered. In addition, the intended parents may still choose to reward the surrogate in other ways.

Surrogate Mother Chicago 

A woman must meet certain requirements to become a surrogate mother in Chicago. A surrogate must:

  • Reside in the United States
  • Be a healthy woman
  • Must not smoke or do illegal drugs
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 42
  • Have carried a full-term pregnancy, delivered, and is currently or has raised a child.
  • Not be on antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs
  • Be financially stable without needing government assistance
Your Guide to Surrogate Mothers in Chicago
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Choosing to be a surrogate mother in Chicago is a great decision as the woman has taken a step in ensuring that someone who previously couldn’t experience the joys of parenthood. Surrogates are also generously compensated, with the added benefits of bringing a new life into the world and assisting intended parents in growing their families. A surrogate will also not be forced to enter into an agreement with an intended parent that they are not comfortable with, and vice versa. When handled by an agency, the matching is based on profiles, interviews and several other criteria. These help intended parents and surrogates find partners that they are most compatible with. The matching process is a two-way street. The intended parents and the surrogate have to feel comfortable with each other and agree.

How to Become a Surrogate Mother for Celebrities 

Becoming a surrogate for celebrities is like becoming one for anyone else. First, find a good surrogacy agency that works with famous people. Then, you will do medical and mental tests to make sure you are ready. The agency will match you with parents, maybe even celebs, based on what you want. They will support you throughout.

Illinois Surrogacy Law 

In Illinois, surrogacy laws protect the rights of everyone involved. If a surrogate carries a child for someone else, the intended parents have legal rights to the child right from the start.

The surrogate does not have any parental rights or duties to the child.

Before starting a surrogacy agreement, everyone involved must get counselling to understand what’s happening. Illinois has clear laws that make surrogacy safe and fair for everyone.

Volunteer Surrogate Mother 

These women generously offer their time to assist others in becoming parents.Even though they do not receive money, volunteer surrogate mothers in Chicago still go through screening and legal processes to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you want to be a volunteer surrogate mother in Chicago or need one, it’s important to work with a trustworthy surrogacy agency for guidance and support. 

To sum up, surrogacy in Illinois, especially in Chicago, offers hope to those wanting kids. With help and information, the journey can be amazing. If you’re ready, reach out to a trusted surrogacy agency in Illinois. We’re here to help!

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more

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