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What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

“Biggest Lift Of All Is Lifting The Butt From Your Couch.”

Brazilian butt lift is a well known cosmetic surgery, in which fat is transferred to buttocks, to enhance its shape and make it more round and attractive.

Definition Of Brazilian Butt Lift 

Brazilian butt lift is a well known cosmetic surgery, in which fat is transferred to buttocks, to enhance its shape and make it more round and attractive. BBL doesn’t require any implants, just the fat is extracted from the stomach, thighs or lower back and is added to the thin butts to give curvaceous and striking butts. Brazilian Butt Lift is specially made for women whose baby is recently born and ladies whose lethargic butts are adding up extra pounds. 

Butt augmentation is the most reliable to get firmer and rounder butts, which can be done by either fat grafting or silicone implant but fat grafting is much safer and less painful so people put a finger on this one when it comes to choosing.


Fat grafting steps :

  1. The treatment begins with anesthesia if a bigger portion of fat is transferred the use of general anesthesia or sedation is done and for a tiny portion, local anesthesia is more than enough. It is possible that during Brazilian butt lift procedure you feel nauseous and vomiting can also happen, to avoid this, ask a doctor to get you a pill of granisetron or dolasetron (best anti-nausea medicines).
  2. By following the liposuction method, the doctor starts taking out the unnecessary fat from thighs, stomach, and lower back, small incisions are made and tubes such as cannula and drainage are used to take out the fat.
  3. Before placing fat into the buttocks it gets refined later it gets injected into butts through syringe and tube.
  4. Sometimes if a doctor doesn’t get the right amount of fat from other areas he/she might use artificial fat to add the extra volume of artificial or processed fat to meet the patient’s expectations.
  5. To get desirable round or heart-shaped buttocks approximately 4-5 incisions are made in butts. 
  6. Once fat grafting is done, the doctor puts stitches in the end and ends the procedure by garment or pads to minimize the bleeding in the surgical area.

Who should select Brazilian butt surgery?

  • Person with an inverted triangular body i.e. a person who has a wide upper body but narrow lower body especially thinner butt and wants fat butt should consider this method to get desirable shape.
  • If a bikini and swimsuits don’t suit you or fit you properly.
  • If earlier stomach or other surgeries have left your butt hanging and thin or due to aging or pregnancy have done some weird changes in the butt.
  • Or simply you are dreaming of achieving an hourglass body just like your role model.

What To Do Before And After Brazilian Butt Lifting?


  • If you are confused between silicone implants and fat grafting then ask your doctor as with a good experience he can give a good opinion as per your body shape.
  • Select a trustworthy surgeon, as you are paying a big amount you deserve the excellent outcome. Ask your friends, family or colleagues as they may help you get better spare options.
  • Get admission in prehab, 1-2 months before the BBL procedure, tons of people received an excellent result from this. Rehab also helps during the surgery by making fat transferring procedure less painful and you can go home early.
  • Buy all the necessary stuff at home including groceries, doctor’s prescribed medicines which you need to take after the Brazilian butt lifting procedure so that later you can take rest at home.
  • Stopping smoking cigarettes 1-2 weeks before the BBL treatment.
  • Do not forget to wear loose clothes on the day of BBL surgery and don’t wear jeans, pencil skirts.
  • Lastly, click some photos of your butt, so that after surgery you can show it to your friends and family and feel confident about yourself.


  • Start using a soft pillow while sitting and don’t sit in a wooden chair or hard sofa and while sitting either sit in a reverse position by lying on your stomach or either side.
  • Short distance, normal pace walk is beneficial as it prevents blood clotting.
  • After a month you can resume strength training.
  • Later after 2-3 months can start a high-intensity workout such as running, skipping, etc.

Recovery Of Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Average recovery time is 2-4 weeks. People can start working after 14 days.
  • Butts will stay red and swollen for some days so the recovery period lasts between 1 month to 6-8 months depending upon the treatment and aftercare by the patient.
  • Some people don’t get expected results and hence try second butt surgery. 
  • A sedentary life might affect the Brazilian butt lift treatment so indulge in some activities.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost 

Each place, city, country and state has numerous cost types which rely on :

  • Doctor’s experience and skills
  • Recovery time
  • Hospital stay
  • Additional kit and inquiry sessions
  • Hospital facilities
  • Hospital vehicle arrangement for picking/dropping patient

But on an average cost of Brazilian butt lift treatment is $2000 to $5000.

Best  Exercises After Brazilian Butt Lift 

Shed some extra pounds after BBL. But indulge in exercise when the doctor gives permission to you.

  1. Single leg bridge
  2. Crab walk
  3. Squats with jump and kick
  4. Lunges ( both side and front/back)
  5. Sidekicks

All the five exercises are very beneficial if done properly, take help from a trainer or family member while performing exercises and watch videos on youtube.

Other Procedures  Of Brazilian Butt Lift


To promote the collagen formation of the multiple layers, beneath the skin, a dermal stuffed syringe is used ( which has poly-L-lactic acid) and this process is known as sculptra butt lift. One can get a small infection in the form of postoperative complications but no major risks are there in this. 

As this procedure is a semi-certified one, 60-70% of clinics don’t put this in the option

What To Expect Before And After The Butt Lift Of Sculptra Surgery?


  • Have a conversation with a doctor on risk factors and complications as in some people as a side effect nodule starts producing in the butt, this happens only in 5-7% people but still, you should know in-depth about Sculptra butt lift.
  • Buy an extra paper gown for the home.


  • The doctor will give you a bandage after the butt lift treatment.
  • Minimize the use of ascorbic acid products such as vitamin c rich fruits and veggies for a week or two.
  • Don’t touch the butt even though rash and redness happen.

Sculptra Butt Lift Recovery

Recovery can take 4-6 months because given injection becomes impactful slowly.

Sculptra Butt Lift Cost

As this is a less known and less popular butt lift type, one will get a huge benefit of a discount or coupon for an aftercare kit. On an average cost is $1000 – $1500.


An incision is made to implant silicone in the butt section of each side. This butt lift procedure is not done individually, it collaborates with fat grafting. It adds the volume to the butt in no minute this is very efficient as well 

This method is useful for people which are underweight or super skinny.

Silicone Implant  Butt Lift Recovery

It takes 20-25 days to recover from silicone butt lift.


  • What If Butt Implant Gone Wrong?

It can go wrong if :

  • Surgeons aren’t licensed/certified or experienced. 
  • Though Sculptra and silicone are budget-friendly both doesn’t give results which BBL can give so choose these when you are so sure about it and think more than twice.
  • Some complications are attached with BBL also such as blood vessels sometimes get interrupted when a cannula tube is inserted and thus, it can cause fatalness.
  • Sharp and high-pressure cannulas can cause internal disturbances and injuries.
  • Which Is Better Brazilian Butt Lift Or Silicone Implant
  1. BBL – It works for chubby and for moderate bodies because their fat content is equivalent to the requirement.
  2. SILICONE – This is best for skinny people
  3. BBL – This is expensive but has less risks.
  4. SILICONE – This cheaper butt lift but has more risks.
  • What’s The Criteria To Select In BBL Treatment?
  1. A person should be officially adult i.e.  18 or above.
  2. An individual who hasn’t gone through any surgery in 6-8 months.
  3. An individual should have a good haemoglobin level.
  4. Patients should give information about the long term disease (if any) to a doctor and have a detailed word on regular medicines which you use daily.
  1. What Are The Advantages Of BBL?
  2. Removed fat from other areas can make those areas lean.
  3. Sharpens body’s features
  4. As BBL is implant free gives a good and realistic feeling.

Improvement will happen if you will run behind the facts and not myths, start being consistent and implement active life to keep your butt shape and big compliments intact. 

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more